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Denture Relines


Tyler, TX.

When you get new dentures, they typically fit your mouth as they are designed particularly for your gums. But as time passes, gum tissues change which in turn make the dentures lose. This increases the chances of them moving inside your mouth and being the reason for numerous problems or discomfort. Going for the professional relining of dentures after 1-2 years keeps them secure and more functional.

Hard Reline

Hard reline is required in case of all full dentures after every two years. Here at Rose Dental Care, we remove a layer of plastic from the interior surface of the dentures and then fill a putty-like substance in them. This material is effective in conforming to your mouth contours and as a result, creates an accurate impression. We then send the denture to the lab where is adjusted according to the new shape of your gum tissue. In this way, minimum contact can be maintained between your mouth and the denture.

Soft Reline

A prominent portion of people cannot choose to wear ordinary dentures because of sore spots or tenderness in their gums. In such a case, we advise you to get the denture relined with the help of material that remains flexible enough for at least two years. This is can save you the trouble of going for a replacement. Using such material reduces the probability to give the patient sure spots which can be the issue with hard reline acrylic. The patients who continue to face such problems might choose a more permanent solution of implant retained dentures.

denture relines

Temporary Relines

A patient’s gums can become swollen or reddish if his/her dentures have not been serviced for a considerable amount of time. This can create trouble while taking impressions for a new soft reline or hard line.

Dentists recommend getting a palliative, temporary, or reline material to reduce the inflammation. The reline is usually flexible and soft and makes the denture perfectly fit your mouth. The gums return to a normal state after few weeks. The patient is then ready to go for a reline or a new denture.

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