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Immediate Dentures


Tyler, TX.

An immediate denture is your best option if complete extractions are unavoidable in your situation. You will be able to avoid the embarrassment of losing your teeth. The preparation for this procedure starts before your tooth extraction.

At first, our dentists will take impressions of your remaining teeth and gums. This will help them to create an exact duplicate to be placed after the extraction procedure  During your extraction appointment, your immediate dentures will be placed, giving you a smile to be proud of.



In most situations, we have no way of ensuring that the denture fits properly in your mouth before your extraction procedure. Sometimes some aesthetic compromises have to be made to make up for lack of space or other structural issues.

After Extraction

You must follow all our after-care instructions without fail. Following extraction, your bones and gum tissues will recede. Hence you will need regular examinations and proper maintenance to reduce further issues and to ensure proper healing.  Temporary linings or tissue conditioners will be used to achieve the best possible fit, and they may need to be changed or replaced several times during the healing process. Once you have completely recovered, a permanent reline will be done to ensure the most comfortable and perfect fit.

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